As lawyer at bdp Shanghai, Mr. Yang’s area of expertise includes daily legal advice, review of contracts, company rules and regulations, contract disputes, infringement disputes, and legal compliance. He is a native Chinese speaker and fluent in English. Furthermore, Mr. Yang has extensive experience in Chinese corporate law, Chinese contract law, Chinese labor law, extra-judicial negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. In 2002 he became a registered lawyer in China, graduated from Zhengzhou University (Law degree), and obtained an MBA at Donghua University in 2009. Before joining bdp China in 2019, Mr. Yang has worked as a legal manager in a foreign company in Shanghai and as a law firm lawyer.


1998 – 2003
Zhengzhou University
Law degree
Officially registered as a Chinese lawyer
2007 – 2009
Donghua University
2004 – 2010 
Legal Manager at a big foreign company in Shanghai
since 2010
Partner at a law firm in Shanghai
since 2019
Lawyer at bdp Shanghai


  • Daily legal consultation for enterprises e.g., concerning Chinese company law, Chinese contract law, and Chinese labor law
  • Review of company contracts
  • Review of corporate rules and regulations
  • Company contract disputes, infringement disputes
  • Out-of-court negotiation, mediation, arbitration
  • Legal compliance


Chinese and English