As CEO of bdp Group, Dr. Bormann has more than 30 years of experience in financial management and corporate finance, as well as in tax planning and optimization. Together with his team, he supported hundreds of large, medium and small enterprises in Germany in areas, such as corporate bonds, government financing, commercial bank loans and private equity. In 2013 he founded the bdp China desk, and built up a high-performance team of committed tax consultants, accountants, lawyers and senior consultants. bdp’s China desk strives for excellence in providing European and German companies with the best financing solutions and professional accounting, tax and legal advice for their business activities in China.



Graduate in Business Management, Hamburg

1984 - 1987

Employee at one of the world's most significant international auditing and tax consultancy companies

1987 - 1989

Research associate at the Seminar for Auditing and Taxation at Hamburg University with a subsequent doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.)

1989 - 1990

Employee at one of the world's largest international auditing and tax consultancy companies, lastly as Senior Accountant

1990 - 1992

Manager of a medium-sized partnership of lawyers, auditors and tax consultants

since 1992

Founding partner of bdp Bormann Demant & Partner


  • Financing consulting
  • Restructuring, crisis management and bank negotiations
  • M&A consulting, private placements, venture capital
  • Enterprise valuations
  • Tax consulting
  • Expert reports and opinions
  • Growth monitoring
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Management, Communication
  • China consulting


German and English