The answer to the question of suitable corporate financing is individual to your company and depends on various factors. Especially the company development and the respective business model are relevant.

In addition, the ability to finance/capital servicing capacity is important and can be developed. The optimization of the company rating and the collateral structure are very often less in focus, but are of extraordinary importance for the future financing capability, i.e. not only the interest rate and the terms of the financing.

Large and medium-sized companies can find themselves in unfavorable situations in this respect because they very often give in to pressure from banks to obtain corporate financing. That is why professional advice on financing issues can have significant advantages in the medium term, allowing the expense to be amortized quickly.

Our services in the field of corporate financing include:

Preparation of and participation in bank meetings

bdp has many years of experience in the field of communication, including business relationships with house banks and financiers, e.g. bond creditors, where moderation is required due to crises.

Equity capital, venture capital, mezzanine capital, alternative financing, house bank financing, etc.

bdp professionally prepares economic documents for medium-sized companies. Via a network of equity investors and venture capitalists, usually within the framework of an electronic data room, bdp places the required financing.

It is not unusual for creditors' trust in the company's management to be already limited. Here, bdp has a compensatory effect and can bring conflicts back to the factual level and develop compromise solutions.

Advice, prospectus and implementation (together with cooperation partners) of bond and share issues

Our team actively advises and supports issuers in the structuring and placement of all types of bonds, convertible bonds and promissory notes in the capital markets. In recent years, we have successfully placed numerous issues of various issuers with institutional investors together with a cooperation partner.

Earnings, liquidity and balance sheet planning

The essential basis for a positive request for financing of any kind is a well-founded integrated financial planning, backed up by comprehensible premises, which shows the development of the result, liquidity and balance sheet over at least 3 years.

Financing and capital requirement planning and debt service calculations

bdp prepares conclusive financing and capital requirement plans. In addition, actual and planned debt service calculations are simulated in order to calculate the utilization of the debt service limit and increase the probability of a commitment.

Financing structuring

Within the framework of a holistic consulting approach, bdp develops financing solutions individually tailored to your needs. Understanding your financing requirements and your respective company or shareholder situation is our top priority. For us, this means in-depth and holistic consulting and analysis, which includes in particular your industry specifications, the special features of your business model, balance sheet and cash flow drivers of your company, business simulation calculations, your current financing situation and future scope.

Together with you, bdp will develop an individual financing structure based on this, the following financing modules can be combined:

  • Syndicated loan - Structured bilateral loans
  • Working capital financing (also for foreign subsidiaries)
  • Public subsidies
  • Guarantees
  • Forfeiting
  • Promissory note loans
  • Bonds
  • Mezzanine

Implementation of economic efficiency calculations

Different types of actions (investment, production process, offer of a product, business activity as a whole, etc.) require different types of economic efficiency calculations: In commercial enterprises, these are the investment calculation and evaluation calculation of the cost accounting (process comparisons, product success calculations, lot size calculations, etc.), in public institutions, among others, the cost-benefit analysis and the utility value analysis.

bdp has the resources to make the calculations available as business management calculations.

Expert opinion for loan applications (including KfW)

Expert opinion is required, for example, on the viability of the business start-up for a financier (KfW subsidies, etc.). This certifies the viability of the business start-up, i.e. a presumably successful business start-up. In this process, bdp examines and assesses the knowledge of the founder of the business, whereby both given prerequisites in the person of the founder of the business and prerequisites for the project, the turnover estimated by the founder of the business, the forecast taxes, the operating result and the expected income are to be assessed and certified.

Examination and development of business strategies and support in their implementation

Strategy development, definition and implementation are central management tasks, often referred to as corporate planning. The securing of the company's future, the increase of profitability as well as the positioning in the market and the realization of the economic performance potential are the main focus of attention. bdp supports the management of medium-sized companies, e.g. within the scope of workshops, in defining and realizing the corporate strategy and its implementation.

Assistance in the conception and implementation of management buy-outs or management buy-ins (MBO/MBI)

Long-serving employees of medium-sized companies from management levels who have a high level of industry and company internal expertise are predestined to take over the company (so-called MBO). This also applies to external managers with experience in the industry (so-called MBI). 

bdp supports and assists in the conception and implementation of such projects.

In addition, bdp provides low-interest financing in a kind of tendering procedure.

Purchase of financing in the tendering procedure within the scope of an electronic data room

bdp has many years of know-how in procuring all types of financing. Since 2015, these financing means have been tendered within the framework of an electronic data room with indexed documents. This ensures excellent results in terms of conditions and collateralisation.

Our Offer for Chinese Inbound Investors

We take care of the growth of Chinese companies in Germany and are ready to support Chinese companies in analyzing their financing needs and their business objectives, as well as uncovering the complexity and risks of their financing process and thus finding the best solutions for them. We also advise Chinese companies on listing on the stock exchange in Germany, issuing bonds, on capital increases, raising risk capital, and much more.