bdp. Orientation for Medium-Sized Businesses

When the summer 2010 edition of Steuerberater Magazin (Tax Consultant Magazine) ran an article on bdp as a shining example of how to build up a large, efficient practice that also scores highly in tax consultancy rankings, we were of course very proud. It was the confirmation of our uncompromising sense of quality, our consistent orientation towards the needs of medium-sized businesses and our interdisciplinary way of working.

Foundation in 1992 and Further Growth

On 1st October 1992, Dr. Michael Bormann and Andreas Demant took over the management of a medium-sized Hamburg tax consultancy that had already been in existence for over thirty years. They initially started with some ten employees and only offered the standard range of services classically provided by a tax consultancy. However, the firm quickly acquired the additional area of law, so that by 1992 we were already able to provide our clients with commercial legal advice. By December 1992 we had opened our first bdp offices in Berlin, initially in Berlin-Marzahn, opposite the famous Pyramid building. In 1995 we moved to our present premises at Danziger Strasse 64, in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Further employees and partners also joined us over the following years, and in 1995 and 1996 we opened offices in Rostock and Schwerin.

Auditing since 1993

As both founding members had previously worked for many years at the international audit firm Ernst & Young, an auditing company was founded in 1993, which today is operating as bdp Revision und Treuhand GmbH at our Berlin location. The auditor and partner at bdp Martina Hagemeier (Berlin) is in charge of the management supported by the auditor Mrs. Silke Woschnik.

Business Management Consulting

Our clients were also quick to request intensive consulting in the areas of restructuring, recapitalisation and crisis management, so that we rapidly built up a strong business management department. The result is that today, bdp Venturis, the division in which bdp's business management consulting services have been concentrated since early 2008, now enjoys a nationwide reputation for successful enterprise restructuring. The restructuring sector also now represents a major part of our business management services.

Following the course of the development of the New Economy, our clients' profile requirements increasingly started to include assistance with stock market flotations and capital measures, laying the foundations for our generally-recognised high level of expertise in the fields of financing and capital market law.

Nationwide and international

Further locations were added over the years, so that today, bdp is represented in the cities of Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Hamburg, Rostock and Schwerin, either by our own offices or via those of our partners. We currently have 12 partners and a team made up of some 100 employees. Our restructuring team now has over 30 staff and works with state-of-the-art methods to achieve durable results as quickly as possible regarding the continuability of the business in question. From our office in Tianjin we support clients in China.

Taking our restructuring due diligence as an example, an excellent set of tools along with experience from almost two decades of on-site practice mean that not only do we carry out our normal analysis but that we increasingly also examine fixed assets, inventories and accounts receivable to determine whether any grounds for doubt exist. On the liabilities side we investigate whether we can find any indications of incomplete booking of payables. The market, competition and management practices are also examined closely and if necessary we will even appoint an interim manager or take on company shares on a fiduciary basis.

Company Law

bdp stands for up-to-date and competent consulting in the ever-changing areas of taxation, social and labour law, capital markets and auditing. Many of our clients have also felt the effects of increasing internationalisation, with the result that we now also perform an increasing number of transactions and audits in other countries, such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

Accounting and Taxes

Increasing requirements for professionalisation in accounting, reporting and tax returns are met by our new tools and consulting approaches. In contrast to many conventional consulting agencies we consistently provide innovative ideas such as on-site client accounting service, company budgeting support and support for international billing and capital procurement.

Teamwork as a Matter of Principle

You require efficient consulting services for your business in the fields of tax, law, auditing and business management. If you depend on the highest quality and need to save time and trouble, then the bdp team is exactly right for you. Our highest maxim is: interdisciplinary and qualified consulting from a single source.

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